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Wine shop ``Piti``

ワインショップ 「ピティ 」は、クロアチア、東ヨーロッパ、その他の旧ワイン圏の国々から、最高のワインをお届けすることに専念しています。

For the wine to become a premium quality we use only the best estate grown grapes harvested manually.


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We offer a great variety of wines for every price point and any occasion, from rich Grasevina to light bodied Zilavka.

Croatia is blessed with climate suitable for producing some of the best wines in the world.

Divided in to two main climates, Mediterranean climate at the Adriatic coast and Continental climate in land.
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We offer great range of local varieties from old world wine regions at various price range.

Address: 220-0072 横浜市西区浅間町5-381-5 Kビル101
Phone: 090-6790-4696